Kablobs on a frogmat


Fish on a frogmat


vegetables on a frogmat


Beef Jerky Smoking on a frogmat


Chicken  smoking on a frogmat

Frogmat 2 PackNon-stick frog mats for Smoker Grills and Food Dehydrators.

We have all experienced the frustration of grilling delicate foods on the Barbecue, where it sticks to the grates and tears or crumbles when you try to lift it. There is nothing more frustrating when food falls through your grate openings and you end up with one big sticky mess!

A Frogmat solve these problems.

With a frog mat food will not stick and can easily be lifted or flipped with no crumbling. Frogmats™ will not pick up odors from foods such as fish, therefore each time it is used there will be never any left over after taste. Frogmats are approved for food processing and handling.

Spend more time eating and less time cleaning.

Reusable, non-stick mesh promotes even cooking and easy cleaning whether in the sink or your dishwasher.

Delicate Foods on Frogmats™ cook to perfection and don't stick!

Use a frog mat with shrimp, fish, chicken wings , veggies, whole chicken, ribs, food dehydration, jerky preparation, roast, pork or whatever you enjoy smoking! We carry a large assortment of sizes to match your grill size.

We cut to match all smoker sizes from Mak Grills, Memphis, Weber Smokey Mountain Grill, Big Green Egg, Louisiana Grills, Little Chief & Big Chief Smokers, brinkman smokers, cajun smoker, etc. See our Order Page for our popular brands of smoker sizes in Canada we carry frog mats for Bradley Smokers, Masterbuilt Smokers, Traeger Grills, Country Smoker, & Green Mountain Grills.


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